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In need of help with planning applications and designs?

Are you unsure if you will need approval prior to starting to make changes to your property? From the outset, it is best to know the answers. Will your dream require a full planning application? Can this still be achieved under “Permitted Development”? Is your proposal “outside” the regulations? The legislation is constantly changing.

When you contact Mike Page RIBA Chartered Architect you can ask these questions, he will then address these issues, giving advice, obtaining your approval prior to dealing on your behalf directly with the right person within the local authority.

A design solution may be something you have not even thought of

Employing Mike Page RIBA Chartered Architect does not mean that you have had to have all the ideas, or imagine the design yourself first. That is what you should expect and receive, something out of the ordinary, something special and personal, for you.

It is for Mike Page RIBA Chartered Architect to prepare the necessary drawings to help first with the planning authority, then with building control and the local builders, so they can see the “build ability” of your dream project, all within a reasonable and an expected cost frame.

Make regulations work for you. Call or email Mike Page RIBA Chartered Architect on:
0118 933 3444

*A fee of £60.00 is paid for our initial consultation. This sum is refunded upon receipt of instruction to proceed.

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